The medical book The Scientific Basis of Urology contains the basic, extensive and general knowledge about the urinary system. In which, presentation of anatomy and physiological function of the urinary system. Threre are the diseases of urinary system, symptoms, complications, treatment.

The book presents clearly, logical information system with accurate, complete and easy-to-see illustrations. This Book (The Scientific Basis of Urology) was presented by: Anthony R. Mundy, John M. Fitzpatrick, David E. Neal and Nicholas J.R. Geogre.

Each topic is presented with basic knowledge and very useful in-depth analysis.

Summary about The Scientific Basis of Urology

Name of Medicals book The Scientific Basis of Urology, 3rd Edition
Authors Anthony R. Mundy (Editor), John Fitzpatrick (Editor), David E. Neal (Editor), Nicholas J. R. George (Editor)
Publisher CRC Press; 3 edition (July 26, 2010)
Number of pages 704 pages
Language English

Review of this book

Written specifically for urological trainees by a distinguished team of contributors, this third edition of  The Scientific Basis of Urology provides the reader with a thorough coverage of urology. Every area, function, illness and treatment of the urinary tract, along with specific discussions of the relevant anatomy and physiology, is included in clearly written text, abundantly illustrated with full color photographs and diagrams. Each chapter takes the basic principles of its topic area and expands upon them to ensure maximum understanding.

Entirely new chapters in the Third Edition:

  • Genetic and Biological Alterations in Cancer
  • The Scientific Basis of Male Hypogonadism
  • Minimally Invasive Technologies in the Treatment of Renal and Prostate Cancer
  • Preoperative Assessment

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