Skeletal Radiology: The Bare Bones is a resource for issues related to musculoskeletal arthritis. The book has the main topics are the topics of trauma, arthritis, tumors. In addition there are other topics, such as metabolic diseases, congenital, endocrine, infections.

Osteoarthritis diseases are common with relatively high rates in the ages and are more common in the elderly. One of the subclinical measures that make an important contribution to the diagnosis of osteoarthritis is radiography.

Skeletal Radiology: The Bare Bones

In those topics, the book makes clearer with the specific content of how to identify changes in images on X-ray films. These changes can infer anomalies about physical structure changes, anatomical changes and physiology.

This medical book is published for the third time with the most modern and advanced image updates. In addition to the usual X-ray images, there are also PET-CT scans, MRIs with additional quantities compared to the previous version.

This medical ebook of radiology images is gathered from many clinical cases from leading medical centers. This is a source of quality references in Radiology majors.

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