The medical ebook, Resident Readiness: Internal Medicine will help you prepare best for clinical situations. It contains many common clinical cases along with questions related to the process of examining, the introduction of subclinical indications and medical intervention indications.

For any medical student, it is expected that after graduation will soon be responsible for himself and make clinical decisions, especially for young doctors who are practicing to get a practice certificate and doctors can get a practice certificate.

Resident Readiness: Internal Medicine

Clinical situations are always complex, requiring quick  and accurate identification of necessary indications. To do that, these doctors must go through the process of theoretical learning and especially clinical practice in disease situations.Along with that are detailed answers, fully explained, to help learners understand the problem.

Through these situations, students have more experience and support for them to make their own decisions quickly and accurately when needed.

The medical book with detailed analysis and guidance steps will help you be confident soon to practice better in clinical practice.

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