Neurourology Theory and Practice – The nervous system is responsible for controlling the activity of organs in the body. So if the nerve damage to the nervous system affects the function of many different organs depending on the extent and location of injury.

This book presents neurology related to neurology control on the urinary tract. It introduces urinary tract disorders related to nervous system function. The knowledge is based on evidence of clinical research and basic research on this issue.

Neurourology Theory and Practice

The detailed content of this medical book refers to the physiology and pathophysiology of the lower urinary tract disease, the dominant nerves, especially the neuronal bladder. Measures to explore functions as well as tests are also presented. Along with that is the direction of management and treatment of these diseases by conservative treatment or surgery.

The book is a good reference source for clinical, subclinical, nursing and medical students. This medical books pdf is written by well-recognized experts.

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