Neurology is always a difficult and complex specialty of medicine. Neurological disorders have complex manifestations and affect many organs in the body. Neurology A Clinician Approach 2nd edition provides a complete overview of neurological problems. This is a good reference resource for clinicians and medical students.

This medical book is updated and published for the second time with basic information as well as new clinical information and neuroscience studies. It presents common neurological disorders with clinical experience and evidence of scientific studies on such conditions as Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, and memory loss. Some confused symptoms are also clarified such as dizziness and vertigo, visual loss, headache and facial pain.

Neurology A Clinician Approach 2nd edition

The basic practices of neuroscience are almost unchanged and still emphasize the techniques of examination and identification of neurological disorders and the consciousness of patients. Focused clinical diagnoses presented to help manage patients effectively.

There are many clinical experiences drawn and shared. Along with that, the diagrams are shown clearly and easy to understand, fully illustrated images with clinical and subclinical images (EEGs, CT, MRI) showing images related to disorders nerve.

The book is presented in a clear, concise, understandable way, is a very good reference resource.

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