Medical Textbooks Online: Mannan’s Regional Dissection and Surface Anatomy 14th Edition PDF is divided into two sections: Regional Dissection and Surface Anatomy of human body with 16 chapters. A sequence of dissection steps defines which structures are to be identified and distinctly directs students how and where to cut and reflect given structures.

There is a big change in medical curricula given by the study of human surface anatomy due to varied pathological conditions and situations, and it must be studied by medical students in an integrated, applied, relevant, and contextual framework. Mannan’s Regional Dissection and Surface Anatomy give the deep understanding of the human body. It shows up various internal structures of human body that course beneath the skin, i.e. nerves, arteries, veins, etc.

Mannan’s Regional Dissection and Surface Anatomy 14th Edition PDF

The goal of this medical book is to get greater efficiency in the use of students’ time in the laboratory, in examination preparation and review. The regional approach is the method of dissection described in this book. Even though the anatomy is presented extensively, it focuses mainly on the head, neck and face, abdomen, thorax, extremities, bones, nerves and vessels of the human body.

23 Color Plates used for image visualize the regional structures. Appendices and Glossary further support to readers’ learning of the subject. There might be a few errors crept in during process of publication of the book. Your suggestions and comments are welcomed for improvement in the next edition.

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