The book Interventions in Structural, Valvular and Congenital Heart Disease is an intervention guide for treating heart diseases such as heart valves, congenital heart disease for cardiologists who invade the intervention of children and adults.

This is the second edition of the book with additions such as the presentation of cases of clinical intervention, from which to synthesize and draw clinical experiences in the intervention. Many interventions are enhanced with several steps.

Interventions in Structural, Valvular and Congenital Heart Disease

Today cardiovascular intervention has been very developed and cardiovascular surgery with more risk of complications reduced. With cardiovascular intervention, patients are soon discharged from hospital, care after the procedure is simpler and less serious than surgery.

This medical book emphasizes the role and content related to the technical process of transcranial aortic valve intervention. Many of the leading experts in this field have been invited to write books and share experiences on this issue.

The images illustrating the techniques are also added to help readers better understand the accompanying content, especially difficult techniques, the path of the catheter.

The techniques are still presented clearly on the accompanying issues such as designation, patient selection, potential risk, possible complications. Besides important tools such as catheters, balls, distribution systems are also clearly described about the use notes.

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