The urinary kidney disease is also very rich and complex. Often kidney dysfunction will affect the whole body and life-threatening. This is a very important area of ​​clinical practice with a relatively high incidence of disease. John Blandy Urology 3rd Edition book is a classic urology book that has been widely purchased and used by urologists, family doctors, medical students and urinary researchers. The book presents urological diseases and medical and surgical interventions.

It can be said that this is a comprehensive book of urological problems. Content presented logically, accurately, fully illustrated.

Blandy Urology 3rd Edition

This 3rd edition of the medical book has been updated and revised with a lot of modern diagnostic and intervention techniques such as endoscopic surgery, robots. In addition to treatment problems, clinical management issues are also mentioned (pharmacology, surgery, internal medicine).

This is a precious document that guides urinary-related problems including a combination of common urinary problems and rare syndromes and urological conditions along with modern treatment techniques. The book is suitable as a reference source for urologists specialized in urology as well as new doctors and medical students.

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